Transformer repair division

Maintenance, repair, renewal and modification of transformers up to 120 kV and through 50.000 kVA. Maintenance, repair or change of voltage regulator- switchgear and motor drive of transformers. Oil filled transducers maintenance, repair.
Site testing, repairs:

  • stoppage of oil leaks
  • oil treatment
  • changing of radiators
  • corrosion protection

Transformer diagnostics

We are prepared for the full diagnostics of transformers (electrical, chemical, thermodynamics). In order to be able to carry out our work satisfactorily, we are continuously improving and operating our diagnostics measurements- hall and analytics laboratory. Within this facility we can examine the mechanical, chemical and thermo- dynamics processes which occur during operation, besides the electrical parameters of the transformers. From the results of the examinations we are able to determine the life expectancy of the appliances, and we can also define the optimal mode of repair if any fault is detected.

• Examining of insulation parameters
• Testing of insulating oil
• Testing of error gas
• Determination of polymerization grade of insulating paper
• Determination of the degradation of insulating paper in operation transformers (determination of furan derivatives)
• Testing of circular voltage (determination of the water content of insulating paper)
• Measuring of insulation resistance
• Measuring of tangent-delta
• Testing of step switch Testing of mechanical parameters
• Determination of the condition of coil pressures in running transformers
• Testing of noise-level
• Execution of thermo vision testing

Expert activities

In the case of transformer errors – as part of our work of expert, we determine the possible cause of the error and the expected cost of the repair. Our analytics laboratory deals with environmental pollution tests (e.g.: determining the pollution level of transformer ballasts) In the case of guarantee and warranty claims of faulty appliances, we can provide efficient professional support to the operator during the liability arguments with the manufacturer. With our partner companies we undertake to renew and repair the entire palette of the Hungarian electrical appliance park, either on the site or in our workshop.

Switch gear repair division

  • Maintenance, repair and renewal of switch gears
  • Olajcsere
  • Oil changing
  • Stoppage of oil leaks Maintenance of drive
  • Examination of contacts and extinguisher chamber
  • Control of setting values
  • Recording of switching path/time diagram
  • Measurement of interim resistance

Production of resistance

From the year 2007 our company bought the rights to produce the high-voltage, oil-insulated resistance family from the East-Hungarian Electricity-Supplying Inc. and started the production of high-voltage appliances in the same year. The appliances pertaining to this family are as follows:

FANOE (Earth-leakage current-booster high-voltage oil-insulated resistance)

  • Function, area of application:
In the mid-voltage compensated networks the function of the appliance is to increase the flowing current during lasting unipolar earth-leakage at the earth-leakage error-spot, to be detectable by the zero-ordinal excess current power fed by the lines of the current-switches, or if none such exist, then with the primary relay built in at each period.

HFE Av (Long-earthing high-voltage oil-insulated resistance)

  • Function, area of application:
The function of the long-earthing resistance is the star-point fixation of mid-voltage networks which are neither earthed directly, nor through a bend-alleviating coil.

PHE (Petersen tuner high-voltage oil-insulated resistance)

  • Function, area of application:
The ISZA type bend-alleviating coil regulating automatic was developed to automatically regulate the bend-alleviating coils. The system executes the measuring of the single network characteristics needed for the regulation by artificially generated voltage asymmetry. The Petersen Tuning Resistance is used to produce voltage asymmetry. The resistance joins the pre-set phase of the network through a unipolar disconnector. The switch built into the resistance is automatically switched on by ISZA for the period of regulation. The area of application of the PHE appliance is the complimentary appliance used for automatizing the compensation of earth-leakage of 20 kV free-cable and mixed networks.

ACSE (Asymmetry-reduction high-voltage oil-insulated resistance)

  • Function, area of application:
The increment of the deduction loss of the network by the order of kohm resistance, by being switched into a star-point. The area of application of the ACSE appliance is the 20 kV network. The notations following the type names refer to the values of the main particular electrical characteristics of the appliance.

The main users of the above appliances are the various electricity-supplying companies.


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