Company profile

GeneralTrafoE.ON North-Transdanubian Energy Distributor Ltd. founded its Subsidiary Company for the repair of transformers.

After normal operation has started a large development has commenced due to the considerable increase in quantitative and qualitative repair demand. A new repair technology has been introduced, transformers were repaired with the vacuum drying technology. The test laboratory received new testing equipment, wire manufacturing-, insulation and winding machines were installed.

In 1973 a programme with significant development requirement has started in order to facilitate the possibilities of the repair of 120 kV, 2500 kVA transformers.

In the years of 1993 – 94 a workshop hall of 2500 m2 area has undergone a total renewal. This included the renewal of the technological equipment and the purchase of new equipment, machines as well.

In December, 2005 E.ON North-Transdanubian Energy Distributor Ltd. has sold its transformer and device repair company which by that time collected considerable traditions.

Stuban General Trafo Zrt. is since 2006 owner of the used to be Subsidiary Company of the E.ON North-Transdanubian Energy Distributor Ltd.

15 each large transformers in the range of 5000 – 40.000 kVA and 300 each small transformers in the range of 20 – 1600 kVA is the annual capacity of the Company.