Transformer diagnostics

We are prepared for the full diagnostics of transformers (electrical, chemical, thermodynamics).

In order to be able to carry out our work satisfactorily, we are continuously improving and operating our diagnostics measurements- hall and analytics laboratory. Within this facility we can examine the mechanical, chemical and thermo- dynamics processes which occur during operation, besides the electrical parameters of the transformers. From the results of the examinations we are able to determine the life expectancy of the appliances, and we can also define the optimal mode of repair if any fault is detected.

tekercs-hibak (2)Examining of insulation parameters

Testing of insulating oil

Testing of error gas

Determination of polymerization grade of insulating paper

Determination of the degradation of insulating paper in operation transformers (determination of furan derivatives)

Testing of circular voltage (determination of the water content of insulating paper)

Measuring of insulation resistance

Measuring of tangent-delta

Testing of step switch Testing of mechanical parameters

Determination of the condition of coil pressures in running transformers

Testing of noise-level

Execution of thermo vision testing